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blower + motor + frequency converter + control + the right equipment = efficiency

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Not only the best Blowers. For sure we still deliver complete equipment for ventilation into the glass industry. Furnace ventilation, Machine cooling, Tinbath cooling, Combustion air supply, etc.

Our components are from suppliers with certificate. These include high performance fans with frequency converter, control dampers, complete ducting systems, nozzles, metal hose etc.

As a service provider you are consultant in addition that gives support with his experience.

This with our experience with respect to optimization of processes as well as optimization of energy consumption.

We all are invited to investigate all processes due to their energy efficiency.

Together with well-known and established companies as ENVIGLASS from Gelsenkirchen, we belong to a group service companies. That can provide customers with first class services instead of commodity.

Each of the companies have its own range of expertize. By regular meetings and knowledge exchange this knowledge will be spread and enlarged. Profitability start with the process of planning. Our lines will be designed on a profound knowledge data base. The same care is done on the decision of the most efficient technical and economical solution.

The result is an optimized and efficient performance of the systems.

This will lead to energy reduction and lower CO2.

profile from Ralph Lauer 

1961 year of birth

1967 - 1977 school

1977 - 1979 professional training as a metalworker

1980 - 1981 Army

1981 - 1991 work as a maintenance technicians

1991 - 1996 qualified welder, installer and supervisor   

1992 - 1996 technicians study

1997 Founder and general manager from LWN Lufttechnik GmbH from Wilsdruff - Germany

2012 Manager from SET Supplier for efficient technologies

2013 Manager from Lauer Ventilation      

2014 Invention of the modular cooling for glass melting furnaces and the bath bottom cooling on the tin bath 



Project Manager and Supplier from ventilation systems (planning, fans + equipment) for Glass factories (Float- and Container glass) in Eastern Europe, South Europe, Western Europe, Central Asia and Africa